let's go on a journey

Japanese Garden

I had a guest from Japan here in Austria. She wanted to see the the Japanese Garden at the Schönbrunn Castle, so we went there. And I made a video for you guys too :)
8. November 2017


Toni and I visited the Pyramidenkogel, which was built 2013. It's placed in Kärnten close to the Wörthersee and you can see a beautiful landscape up there.
24. July 2017

Diversity Ball

This year I joined the Diversity Ball here in Austria. Diversity is the big part in this event, where everyone is different, but we are all the same. Different people gather together and celebrate their diversity but also their equality. It is a wonderful ball and I feel very honoured to join this event.
1. May 2017

お城とフォーゲルベルク シュタイク
Castle Dürnstein & Vogelbergsteig

I went Geocaching and hiking. And there was a Multi-Cache at the Dürnstein castle and so we had to go there. And I used this opportunity to film the castle :)
02. August 2016

Christmas Market@Castle Hellbrunn

At Christmas season there are a lot of Christmas markets in Austria. This is the second part of the Christmas market at the castle Hellbrunn.
07. January 2016

Christmas Market@Castle Hellbrunn

At the castle Hellbrunn, there is a big Christmas market in December. It's a really beautiful place and at the christmas season the landscape chances again. This is a verz long video, that's why I made two parts.
06. January 2016

Christmas Market & Castles

I went to Salzburg with a friend and we visited different Christmas markets. In this video you can see the Christmas Market at the castle Hohensalzburg. It's a small Christmas market, but a really lovely one. You can try out different food and drinks, which you haven't tasted yet.
06. December 2015

I took a ride on the tram

In Vienna there are a lot of trams. So I took a ride in one of it to show you.
02. October 2015


This place is called Naschmarkt. You can buy and eat all kind of stuff there. It is a very popular tourism spot.
10. September 2015

Let's try out Canyoning

At our journey to Tirol I got the chance to join a canyoning tour. On the second day of our trip my friends an I took the beginner course. My first time, I tried out canyoning and it was awesome, so two days late I joined the pro tour and it was awesome!
02. August 2015


We traveled to Tirol in the West of Austria. In the "Area47" we had the opportunity to go Rafting. There you can join 3 different kind of Rafting tours. This one was the easiest one.
18. July 2015

Let's celebrate Solstice

In Austria we welcome our summer and it is called Solstice. All over Austria you can see really small up to really big bonfires. In my city, they always make it in a different way. This year it is like this. The video is made in the evening, that's why it is a little dark. Sorry about that.
03. July 2015

Celtic Village

We went to a small celtic village next to the salt mine. A very awesome place and a lot of respect to the celtic people in that time.
29. May 2015

Hallein Salt Mine

My friends, my sister and I went to Salzburg to the salt mine. It is the oldest salt mine in the world.
13. May 2015

Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn palace is one of Austrias most famous places. Inside it is not allowed to take photos or a movie, so I decided to film the garden and everything. Take a look with me!
23. April 2015

Obertauern Skiing Region

スキー場のレストランに無料WIFIもあります。Iski Trackerの無料アプリで自分の滑ったピステを分析ができます。
This time we went to the Obertauern ski area in Salzburg. You can use one ticket for all slopes on 9 mountains. The slopes in total is 100km: black - 4km, red - 35km, blue - 61km
This ski areas restaurants have free wifi. And there is something special here, you can use a Iski Tracker, an app where you can find out where you went and how many kilometers.
26. March 2015

Snowboarding at Mount Hochkar

I went to the mountain Hochkar. In Austria there are a lot of mountains and ski areas where you can go and have fun.
16. February 2015

The Song of the Nibelungs

In this video I would like to show you something about the Song of the Nibelungs. In Tulln Krimhild and Etzel met the first time.
20. January 2015

Roman City Tulln

The city Tulln is an old roman city in Austria and full of history. I want to show you a piece of the antice history in Austria.
11. January 2015